Assisted death is the new pro-choice

When does life—and a doctor’s duty—begin and end? Assisted dying is dredging up the big questions of the abortion debate, for better or worse.

Why the anti-abortion movement is embracing gender equality

Pro-life activists are taking aim at sex-selective abortions—but that’s merely a Trojan horse, to help them curtail access to abortion services in Canada


The law of unintended consequences?

Support for unrestricted abortion has apparently increased over the last eight months.

The United Colors of Todd Akin

It was hard to imagine at the height of  Todd “legitimate rape” Akin’s mass pillorying, that the Missouri congressman would survive his senate race. The Republican establishment all but abandoned him, Romney asked him to step down, and even Ann Coulter called him a “selfish swine” for his annoyingly strong convictions. What his decision to remain in the race will do for Romney’s chances is unclear, though his name–and now, Richard Mourdock’s– is pretty much synonymous with the dreaded “War on Women.” Akin’s own chances at victory, however, aren’t as damaged by his bogus science as everybody thought they’d be.


Abortion Etch A Sketch

The Etch A Sketch is back in full force, only this time the interval between Mitt Romney’s abortion flip-flops is getting smaller and smaller–to the point at which it no longer exists at all. Romney’s official campaign website, for example, touts pro-life Mitt Romney, the kind of Romney who would like the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. All the while, moderate Mitt Romney gave this comment to the Des Moines Register yesterday: “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.”

Rep. Todd Akin: legitimately raped by liberal media

The real function of the rape hypothetical is to force the Todd Akins of the world to make their premises explicit


Pro-life rally on the Hill

Stephen Harper has apparently succeeded in angering both sides of the abortion debate.


The whip

The New Democrats have said they will unanimously oppose Stephen Woodworth’s motion—which, as private members’ business, would generally be considered a free vote—and Jeff Jedras argues that the Liberals should whip their vote.

The Commons: A debate about a debate about abortion

“Why would we be afraid to let the evidence come out?” asked MP Stephen Woodworth


M-312: Debating a study that might require a debate about abortion

At 5:30pm this evening the House will hold an hour of debate on Stephen Woodworth’s proposal that a special committee be struck to study Section 223(1) of the Criminal Code. That portion of the Code states that “a child becomes a human being within the meaning of this Act when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother, whether or not it has breathed; it has an independent circulation; or the navel string is severed.”


Students at Western receive controversial DVDs

Film compares abortion to holocaust

Public schools shouldn’t stifle free expression

Catholic school students suspended for pro-choice message