Progressive Conservative party of Canada

Liberals and Conservatives are neck and neck

Andrew MacDougall: The deck has been stacked. All the more reason for Conservatives to stick to their campaign script—helping ordinary Canadians get ahead.

Peter MacKay and the waning Progressive Conservatives

The PC story may be drawing to a close, but that of the federal Conservatives is still being written, writes Aaron Wherry

Steven Fletcher and the perks of being punted from cabinet

The Manitoba MP is getting more attention than he has in years


Two appendices to ‘The coming Tory majority’

My story for print Maclean’s on Conservative fortunes in provincial politics is now on the web. As is often the case, I had help with the story from lots of people who didn’t make it into the finished version, and gathered information and had thoughts that didn’t quite fit.


From the magazine

Something like 750 words on the last of the Progressive Conservatives on Parliament Hill.