Progressive Conservatives

Ford leaves a news conference in Toronto, on Friday, June 3, 2022, after winning the provincial election. (Chris Young/The Canadian Press)

Four more years of Progressive Conservatives in Ontario

Politics Insider for June 3: Doug Ford dominates the Ontario election; Horwath and Del Duca resign; Bill Morneau and Justin Trudeau clash
Blaine Higgs

Progressive Conservatives in majority territory in New Brunswick poll: 338Canada

Philippe J. Fournier: As of this moment, Blaine Higgs’s PCs are projected to win an average of 28 seats to the Liberals 17. The Greens are solidly in third place.
Jim Prentice

Jim Prentice, the politician who wasn’t there for politics

’He knew what team he played for, but I always got the feeling he had the bigger picture in mind’

The loneliness of a losing candidate

For years, Chungsen Leung worked hard for his constituents, and hoped to win their trust again. In the end, they chose someone else.
Mike Moffatt

Did you hear the one about Ontario growing faster than China?

A literal reading of the faulty math behind the Ontario PC’s Million Jobs Plan leads to laughable conclusions
Tim Hudak

Can Tim Hudak sell right-to-work in Ontario?

Or did his party just hand its opponents a silver bullet?
Stephen Harper

Harper’s carbon tax smokescreen

Paul Wells on the Tories’ NDP smear campaign

Knockin’ on doors with Peter Lougheed

Elaine McCoy, the last Progressive Conservative in the Senate, remembers the former Alberta premier
Missing image

One wild rise for one wild rose

Inside Danielle Smith’s campaign to topple Alberta’s most powerful political dynasty
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Health care superboard is superbad in Alberta

Centralized health care may be cheaper, but it comes at a political cost