Did Kathleen Wynne abuse the power of prorogation?

Since Stephen Harper prorogued Parliament to save his government in 2008, the rarely-used power has drawn criticism as a political tactic

Prorogation: See them in October

The summer break is about to get a little longer

Stop bothering the Governor General

David Johnston is probably not going to say no to Stephen Harper

Should you be upset that Stephen Harper is proroguing Parliament?

As Aaron Wherry explains, the real question is this: Why must we wait for Parliament to resume?

Good prorogue or bad prorogue?

How to tell the difference anymore?

Dalton McGuinty’s resignation leaves much unresolved, including his future

For someone who worked hard to be liked, he departs under a cloud


‘Contempt for parliamentary democracy’

Constitutional scholar Peter Russell condemns Dalton McGuinty’s prorogation.


Running away from the legislature

Peter Loewen condemns Dalton McGuinty’s use of prorogation.


Topp on democratic reform

Brian Topp’s latest policy paper covers democratic and parliamentary reform, including a move to mixed-member proportional representation, limits on the prime minister’s ability to prorogue Parliament and the Senate.

Saving the House of Commons

Seven ways to fix the beleaguered institution


The reserve power

Earlier this year, Nicholas MacDonald and James Bowden argued that the Governor General has no discretion to refuse a request to prorogue Parliament. In the latest issue of Canadian Parliamentary Review, Peter Russell counters.


The Internet candidate for Edmonton-Strathcona

The election should probably not pass without noting the candidacy of Christopher White, running as an independent in Edmonton-Strathcona. Mr. White is the fellow who started the Facebook group that helped rally thousands of Canadians to protest prorogation.