Ravyn Wngz is a member of Black Lives Matter Toronto (Jalani Morgan)

‘As a queer, trans and Afro-Indigenous woman, I believed that I could never be a representative of Black liberation’

Ravyn Wngz: On July 18, Black Lives Matter Toronto held an art demonstration that involved painting and stencilling three racist statues in pink. To me, the colour pink represents life—vibrant, bold and free.

Peter MacKay addresses the crowd at a federal Conservative leadership forum during the annual general meeting of the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative party in Halifax on Feb. 8, 2020. The 2020 Conservative Party of Canada leadership election will be held on June 27, 2020.

Andrew Scheer and Peter MacKay’s throwback to civil-rights-era racial stereotypes

Heidi Matthews: When it comes to the blockades and protests, Conservative leaders are invoking the idea of the ‘outside agitator’ to delegitimize and break the bonds of activist solidarity

The need for protest

David Moscrop: When resistance to the current order arises, citizens are put to the test. We are forced to reveal our allegiances. What do we think is right and just?

“Activism is heart work”: How to resist without burnout

How do you stay motivated while sustaining movement? Janaya Khan shares her self-care practices and speaks with four seasoned activists about their own

In the Trump era, youth must fight for democracy

The social contract is shrinking, says Henry Giroux, but the world’s youth should not be discouraged – they should be energized

Pro-Erdogan muscle against D.C. protesters came from Canada

Two Toronto men in attack made failed refugee claims here 15 years ago. One cited distaste for waging war on Kurds.


What students are talking about today (November 8th edition)

Alcohol Studies, the Sandy Five, & a riot over Obama


With friends like these, does Pussy Riot need enemies?

The verdict in Russia’s trial of feminist punk group Pussy Riot is expected this morning; it will probably have been announced by the time you read this. The group was arrested after staging a brief impromptu performance at the famous Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, rebuilt in 2000 after being demolished to make way for the never-built Palace of the Soviets in 1931. The performers have been formally charged with khuliganstvo (“hooliganism”), the old catchall term that meant in Soviet days, and means now, that one has done something not otherwise criminal of which the Organs do not approve.


C-38: Protest and power

Budget bill protests were organized this weekend in Victoria, Owen Sound, Waterloo, Penticton, Halifax, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Mississauga, Port Moody, North Bay, Prince George, Beamsville and Calgary. And dozens of websites will go dark today to protest C-38.

How did the student standoff come to this?

Emmett Macfarlane on the sorry state of policy debate

Wrongs and rights: how did Quebec’s student standoff come to this?

There is no shortage of finger-pointing on either side

A note to violent student protesters

You’re as brave as your average internet commenter