(Illustration by Alisha Davidson)

The key to survival: Find five people. Hold them close.

Close relationships—about five of them—are as essential as food and water, according to this author

Seale and Jackson enjoy chicken wings at the Workshop Eatery in Edmonton, Alta. (Photograph by Amber Bracken)

This awful year may have reset our ability to appreciate happiness

Experts think that after months of depriving ourselves of everyday pleasures we once took for granted, our newfound appreciation for the little things might actually last beyond 2020

Best psychology universities in Canada: 2018 ranking

Here are the 20 best psychology programs in Canada for 2018

What is the recipe for a successful nation?

Critical to the success of both people and their nations are the values they adopt, says Piers Steel

The history and the wisdom of Hermann Rorschach’s ink blots

Rorschach’s famous ink blots have been dismissed as parlour tricks. But they’re still used worldwide, even as they turn 100 years old

Top 10 Psychology Universities

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Cut the digital ‘tether.’ Stop texting mom!

If students text too often, they don’t learn independence

Buckwild TV, Dalhousie hazing & Gen Y’s narcissism

What students are talking about today (January 7th)

A hated professor’s lesson in academic freedom

On the legacy of race researcher Philippe Rushton

Children predict classmates’ future personalities

Study looked at aggression, likeability, social withdrawal