Public Health Agency of Canada

The vaccine gap: Cumulative totals of doses that arrives, and those that were promised but didn't arrive

How much of a ’vaccine hole’ is Canada currently in?

Vaxx Populi: A breakdown of doses expected versus doses received and how many people must be vaccinated every day in March to meet our first-quarter target
A health worker in protective gear carries empty blood sample kits at the Bong County Ebola treatment center in Suakoko, Liberia.

Chasing an Ebola vaccine

The race for the vaccine is less about stopping this epidemic than protecting against the next one

Here’s an idea: cut the programs that offend our intelligence

Our gravy-conscious government should pay more attention to which belts they’re tightening
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Shaking all over?

NO HANDSHAKE for the Dalai Lamai in Memphis; the mayor greeted him with a fist bump
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Swine flu fiasco

Everyone needs the H1N1 vaccine. Few plan to get it. What you need to know. What you need to do.
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Playing chicken with antibiotics

Antibiotics injected into chicken eggs is making Canadians resistant to meds