public policy

What Colin Kaepernick can teach us about citizenship

Opinion: Kaepernick’s protest, about what and who makes a team and a nation, can also be connected to environmental justice


‘It always gives you more than one opportunity to prevail’

Stephane Dion accepts the 2011 Couchiching Award for Leadership in Public Policy.

Bad for kids?

Is subsidized daycare bad for kids?

A surprising new study says Quebec’s $7-a-day daycare is leaving children worse off


The emotion of politics, the politics of emotion

The Agenda convenes a panel to discuss emotion and public policy.


The OSAP diet and the student lifestyle

Just how well should students expect to live while in school?


New politics

Bit late to this, but here is John Manley reflecting on his time in office, the current state of play and the way forward.


A cash gift for families with kids

Changes to child benefits could mean an extra $400 for parents


See for yourself

The McGill panel discussion including Ian Brodie that John Geddes wrote about a couple weeks ago is now online.