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Five depressing charts about the Canadian economy

Not so much better than everyone else, eh?

Flying Magnotta on a private jet? It might have saved us over $200,000

Back-of-the-envelope accounting about the costs of repatriating the Canadian fugitive
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Five seriously austere measures that aren’t in the Drummond report

From alcohol duties to the Queen’s pay–here’s what others are doing to stretch their budgets
Don Drummond

Drummond report crushes Ontarians’ morale–and the table

Nearly a third of his suggested cuts concern healthcare
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Healthcare: Technology is a bigger cost driver than demography

Elderly patients are responsible for only a tiny fraction of healthcare spending increases
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Tories: Canada’s big government party

Federal spending has climbed 22 per cent under Harper Conservatives
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This week in opinion polls

What Canadians across the country are telling pollsters