Leslie JamisonCREDIT: Graywolf Press

Why women write essays—and sell lots of books

Women writers turned an unfashionable genre into the publishing trend of 2014

Toronto Book Fair: Who needs bricks and mortar?

When the Toronto International Book Fair opens this week, it will take writers directly to readers
Nate Silver

Nate Silver and the future of media

Colby Cosh on the Sports Guy and the Witch
eReading in Public

Your e-reader is watching

It tracks when you read and when you don’t. Will it soon determine what you read?
Studying at the University of Guelph (Jessica Darmanin)

Still going by the book

Textbooks remain costly in an increasingly electronic age
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The misfortune of an interesting life

Salman Rushdie spent almost a decade in hiding after Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against him
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Where have all the novels gone?

2009 was a bumper crop for fall fiction. This year, the big names are in short supply.
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The Dreyfus Affair: A century-old controversy resonates today

Why the publishing business is suddenly hot for a 19th-century scandal
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No Dummies here

How the ‘For Dummies’ book empire is branching out and thriving in the age of Wikipedia and blogs
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