Quality of Life

Why being poor in Canada is better than being rich in France

Tamsin McMahon explains the OECD’s ‘Better Life Index’


Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto ranked among world’s most liveable cities

All three metropolises made the top five on the Economist’s list of livable cities worldwide.


A blind spot for one’s own skills

British Columbia: Nearly half (49 per cent) of the province’s drivers think their fellow road warriors are ruder behind the wheel today than they were five years ago. The most common complaint—something 82 per cent of those surveyed have experienced in the last three months—was a fellow driver’s late signal, or no signal at all. Seventy-three per cent have been tailgated. And yet, when asked to rate their own performance on the road, 82 per cent of those surveyed gave themselves an A or B.


Canadians live well, but many know hard times

Two studies suggest contrasting experiences