Aim at the oil sands, and you hit Quebec

One pundit suggests Jim Prentice suffered from ‘Quebecophobia’

The Post to Quebec: Love Canada or else

If you haven’t read the National Post‘s editorial about the canceled re-enactment of Battle on the Plains, it’s worth checking out, if only because it stands out as a perfect example of the breathtaking lunacy Quebec’s identity debates sometimes generate in the Rest Of Canada. To wit:


My Canada Day includes poutine

As far as slights are concerned, whether real or perceived, this one seems fairly innocuous. The Canadian embassy in Washington has apologized for posting an invitation to a Canada Day party that featured Samuel de Champlain holding a plate of poutine. The offending image has since been removed from the page, but that’s it on the left. (Why do I feel like I’m turning into Ezra Levant all of a sudden?)