quebec corruption

So, Nathalie Normandeau, about that apology…

Quebec’s former deputy premier attacked Maclean’s for its coverage of corruption in Quebec. She is one of seven now facing fraud charges.


Letters to the editor: Alberta floods ‘feel like a moment of unity for Calgary’

On flood clean up, sick days and the benefits of yogourt

The foundation of corruption

Quebec’s foundation of corruption

The inside story of the man at the centre of the storm


Old report surfaces, shows Montreal warned years ago about inflated costs

MONTREAL – The City of Montreal has released a report that suggests the municipality knew years ago that it was significantly overpaying for construction projects, perhaps by more than 30 per cent.

Isn’t it time to wise up to the wise guys?

Paul Wells on the (non)response of MPs to an epidemic of corruption, kickbacks and death threats

Does being in politics mean never having to say you’re sorry?

Two years after our cover story provoked a defensive uproar, evidence of the deep-seated corruption has continued to pile up

Ontario detective talks mafia, Quebec listens

Mike Amato gave the Charbonneau Commission a history lesson on the mob, from 1911 to today


Quebec construction inquiry hears about Mafia corruption in Ontario

MONTREAL – A veteran Ontario detective has testified in a public inquiry that the Italian Mafia’s reach in that province extends to all kinds of legitimate businesses that mask criminal proceeds.