Quebec election 2012


PQ in a nutshell: Even in victory, drama and threat of demise

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The PQ didn’t win because it ran the best campaign. It won because it benefitted outrageously from the distortions of our electoral system


Jump in early voter turnout in Quebec election; results about to roll in

MONTREAL – There has been an early surge in voter turnout during Tuesday’s Quebec election, as polls suggest the province may see a change in government.


The PQ conundrum and the ‘S’ word

The PQ’s win has nothing to do with the issue of sovereignty. Martin Patriquin explains why

A reformer, despite himself. Like Gorbachev.

Jean Charest, a reformer despite himself

Paul Wells considers how the premier got swallowed up by forces he hoped only to contain


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Sociologist and columnist Mathieu Bock-Côté takes questions from Maclean’s

Quebec Votes 2012: The most dangerous election in decades

Martin Patriquin explains how the PQ’s not-so-subtle attack on English has stoked a disturbing return of identity politics