Quebec election

Francois Legault

Quebec election: The end of an era, the beginning of—something

Paul Wells: There were parallel routs of the old-line parties, as the Liberals and PQ suffered historic drubbings. The CAQ is just what’s left over.
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Shake, rattle, roll

Martin Patriquin assesses the fallout after the second leaders’ debate in Quebec
Philippe Couillard Pauline Marois Francois Legault Francoise David

Paul Wells on the Quebec leaders’ debate

Political editor Paul Wells with his thoughts on tonight’s debate. Follow along, starting at 8 p.m. EST.

Quebec election: Sit back and grin

The Quebec Liberals don’t need to call on their big guns against a floundering PQ

The first rule of Sovereignty Club?

You don’t talk about Sovereignty Club. Second rule: imaginary worlds rock!
Philippe Couillard Pauline Marois Francois Legault Francoise David

The winner and loser in the Quebec debate

Québec solidaire leader Françoise David emerged as a winner, and a thorn in the PQ’s side
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Quebec’s election debate: Veiled threats

Pauline Marois must hope her comeback starts tonight
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Which Quebec party will benefit from CAQ woes?

Martin Patriquin on the return to a two-party system in Quebec and where the votes will land
Pierre Karl Peladeau

Why Pierre Karl Péladeau’s candidacy is a win for the PQ

The Quebecor king is an appeal to economically minded voters – but it could backfire down the road
Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois speaks to supporters at an outdoor market during a campaign stop in Chateauguay Quebec

The real issue on Quebec voters’ minds

The economy, not the values charter, will decide the next election