Quebec election

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Quebec students sue 25 universities and colleges

Suit says not enough done to allow access to classes

François Legault, trying to close the deal

Paul Wells explains why it’s a peculiar moment for the leader of upstart party
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Montreal police wield controversial Bill 78 for first time

19 under investigation after disruptions by demonstrators
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Former premier Parizeau endorses Option Nationale

Uniting the sovereigntists just got a little more difficult for PQ leader Pauline Marois
Que Student Protests 20120822

Quebec students could block classes Monday

School restarts during final days of election campaign
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Quebec student protesters resurface in Montreal

Parti Quebecois urges students to not pay fees
dirty dancing still

What students are talking about today (Aug. 22 edition)

Dirty Dancing, a fireworks battle and spying on Muslims
iranian students

What students are talking about today (Aug. 21 edition)

Women banned, Niki Minaj, "oversharing" and Jack Layton
Pauline Marois

Charest-Marois: the cage match

Paul Wells on Monday’s debate: ’Etiquette lesson aside, there was some content to this debate, too’
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Paul Wells: Change vs. Marois of same

What do Quebec voters want? There’s too much ahead to make any predictions right now