Quebec Votes 2012

Jean Charest: Cut and roll credits

Martin Patriquin explains why losing was the best thing to happen to the Liberal Party of Quebec


Police carry body out of site of PQ celebration

MONTREAL – A victim’s body was carried out from a Montreal crime scene Wednesday that just hours earlier had been the site of a political victory party.


Opinion: After PQ victory, Quebec more divided than ever

The PQ didn’t win because it ran the best campaign. It won because it benefitted outrageously from the distortions of our electoral system


Jump in early voter turnout in Quebec election; results about to roll in

MONTREAL – There has been an early surge in voter turnout during Tuesday’s Quebec election, as polls suggest the province may see a change in government.


The PQ conundrum and the ‘S’ word

The PQ’s win has nothing to do with the issue of sovereignty. Martin Patriquin explains why