Queen Elizabeth II reign

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Making the Queen’s day: Sept 9, 2015

Dutiful as always, but a bit rebellious on this record-setting day
Anonymous portrait of Queen Elizabeth I

Quiz: What do you know about the British monarchy?

Test your knowledge of the royal family and the British monarchy with our short quiz, as Queen Elizabeth II nears a historic date

Interactive timelines: Comparing the reigns of Victoria and Elizabeth

The Victorian and Elizabethan eras were marked by massive change
The Queen And Duke Of Edinburgh Visit Barking & Dagenham

Longer may she reign: The Queen’s record-breaking rule

How Queen Elizabeth II has become one of the most influential and widely admired leaders ever
The Queen Visits The Duchy Of Lancaster

Dressed to impress: The classic uniforms of Queen Elizabeth II

Whether she’s meeting heads of state or walking the corgis, the Queen has a particular style that’s bright yet meticulous
Queen Elizabeth II On Official Visit In Paris : Day 1

Pinning one on: The Queen’s love of brooches

Fashions come and go, but the Queen remains famously loyal to one piece of jewellery: The brooch

Crown calculus: The math behind Queen Victoria’s record reign

Our annotated breakdown of how Windsor Castle’s bibliographer measured the exact minute Queen Elizabeth II will take the crown for longest reign
The Queen on horse looking to Balmoral

How to keep fit like Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II’s legendary stamina isn’t just from good genes. It’s largely in her approach to living and work.
Queen Elizabeth II Visits Berlin

What you need to know about Queen Elizabeth II’s reign

From a royal reign leaderboard to the Queen’s not-to-do list, some fun facts about Elizabeth II’s long rule