The Building: Montreal’s new Formula One paddock was built for champions

This summer, F1 fans will watch cars scorch around Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in record time. Its new paddock came together just as quickly. 

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On your marks, get set, pay!

The entire time I lived in Montreal, I observed a simple but sacred rule: When the F1’s in town, I’m not. It wasn’t the race itself that made me flee to Quebec City or to a campground in Charlevoix; it was the people who attended the thing—and, more specifically, their compulsion to take over the city with their Merit Badges of Midlife Crisis. Needless to say, I didn’t mourn the F1’s disappearance from Montreal’s summer calendar.


Philip Ronald Morden 1976-2009

A born tinkerer, he knew no fear. Inevitably he was smitten with the fastest thing on Lake Muskoka.