Ralph Nader


The House: ‘You’re the one catching the fish’

Rather than simply lament for how little attention is paid to the institution, I thought I’d ask some smart people if they had anything to say in response to my piece about the state of the House of Commons. Over the next little while, those responses will appear here. Next up, Scott H. Payne.


The Final Days: Fredericton

“The nature of Canada will be decided tomorrow,” said Andy Scott, the retiring Liberal incumbent, introducing his would-be successor, who in turn introduced Stephane Dion.


BTC: John McCain will (would) take your questions

Late last week, a reader pointed out that the Republican nominee for president has mused openly of submitting himself to something like Question Period should he be elected. Though this promise likely won’t shift a single vote in reality, for sheer entertainment purposes, this should justifiably boost John McCain’s electoral hopes.