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The business of education

Le Devoir editorialist Guy Taillefer notes that the $17.5 million allocated to the Social Science and Humanities Research Council for Canada Graduate Scholarships is uniquely allocated to “business-related” degrees. So let’s sum up: one of the few elements of the budget that’s devoted to the knowledge economy in any way is the CGS scholarships. Forty percent of the money ($87.5 million over three years) goes to NSERC for natural sciences; 40% goes to CIHR for health science; and only 20% goes to SSHRC, and all of that is for business-related study. So if you want to pursue study in a field of human endeavour that plainly terrifies Stephen Harper because it’s weird, like anthropology, literature, social work, linguistics, history, political science or comparative religion, you can be sure this hard-headed, no-nonsense government won’t be wasting an incremental dime on the likes of you. You’re welcome. It’s for your own good, you know.