Rand Paul


It’s not just Melania: Trump, Obama and Biden were alleged plagiarists

A brief video gallery history of recent plagiarism accusations in presidential politics
U.S. Senator Paul announces candidacy for president during an event in Louisville

Where is Canada’s answer to Rand Paul?

Rand Paul may be one of America’s most divisive politicians, but he’s leading the charge against the Patriot Act. Scott Gilmore on the lessons Canada can learn

The elephant in the room

As Obama falters, Republicans are too busy squabbling with one other to notice they’re missing opportunities
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton gets grilled over Benghazi—and fights back

At moments, she teared up, lost her cool, and was severely dressed down by Rand Paul
When Mars really attacks

When Mars really attacks

How would Americans handle an alien invasion in this time of partisan rancour?
Missing image

How far to the right will U.S. conservatives go?

Conservatives are split over how to carry out their mission—and how to deal with a resurgent President