Rap’s crossroads: Why big-name rappers are daring to be religious

From Kendrick Lamar to formerly young Jeezy, more and more big-name rappers are willing to explicitly discuss their faith on the record
Photo Illustration by Lauren Cattermole and Richard Redditt

The sunny side of the mic: Rap gets positive

Kendrick Lamar’s new album lands in an evolving genre where rappers are actively exploring their sensitive side
Mayan rapper ‘Pat Boy’.

Mayan MCs transform a lost culture into pop culture

Inspired by 50 Cent, young rappers on the Yucatán Peninsula are rediscovering their Mayan roots—and saving a language
2014 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival – Weekend 2 – Day 2

Rap’s latest, greatest mystery

It’s the latest rap conspiracy: Is the legend Nas is rapping under a pseudonym? What that tells us about curating mystique in the arts
Drake with Kendrick Lamar

Why rap regionalism is fading

East Coast? West Coast? It’s never mattered less in rap where you’re from.

Rick Ross: The most interesting man in hip hop

He raps badly, has no story or street cred. How did Rick Ross end up at the top?

Maclean’s archives: Rap Genius founder Mahbod Moghadam

Rap Genius founder Mahbod Moghadam gives the works of Drake and Jay Z the Northrop Frye treatment
rick ross

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Rick Ross gets cancelled but Tyga performs
What happens when rap fans grow old

Drake opts for sweaters over swagger

The backlash against Drake is not really about his music; it’s about rap fans growing old
Baba Brinkman performs at The Soho Playhouse in NYC. Tuesday Oct 25th, 2011

Learning biz to the sound of rap

How Baba Brinkman is teaching M.B.A.s