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The Commons: ‘She could not be clearer’

The Commons: Bev Oda has certainly brought about
a certain kind of transparency

The Commons: ‘This is about victims’

No one disagrees about that


Hey there, CBC, glad you could finally make it.

The CBC catches up with a story Maclean’s broke more than a year and a half ago.

Martin Cauchon, you’re not alone

Hélène Buzzetti has the scoop: “According to information gathered by Le Devoir, four Quebec Liberal MPs are being asked by Denis Coderre to leave politics and hand over their safe seats to a star candidate.”


To get more women into Parliament, we’ve got to get rid of some of the women in Parliament

With all the usual caveats whenever anonymous Liberals are involved, a novel theory is attributed to Denis Coderre here.


Hosted by terrorists?

An organization in Ottawa’s bad books wined and dined Canadian politicians


Your Team Iggy starting line-up

Posted without comment for the moment. Some attempt at analysis to follow after some consideration now offered below.


The Final Day: Keeping score

Ralph Goodale re-elected. Belinda Stronach’s riding goes to the Conservatives. Bonnie Brown is out.


The Commons: So it goes

The Conservatives have no credible answers and the Liberals are now mocking them in verse