RBC Taylor Prize 2016

Josef Stalin Holding His Daughter

Rosemary Sullivan wins the prestigious 2016 RBC Taylor Prize

Another award, another win for the biography of Joseph Stalin’s daughter penned by Sullivan, who thanked Stalin’s granddaughter for the access

Seeking justice for Svetlana Alliluyeva, Stalin’s only daughter

Rosemary Sullivan’s biography on a sad, remarkable life has won the 2016 RBC Taylor Prize
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For Wab Kinew, the personal is political

In tracing his relationship with his dad, Wab Kinew finds one between Indigenous peoples and Canadians
Ian Brown- Taylor Prize nominee

Ian Brown’s self-portrait of the author as a 60-year-old man

In his RBC Taylor Prize-nominated diary, Ian Brown turned his sharp eye and deft writing to aging and the road ahead

Exclusive excerpt: David Halton immortalizes his legendary father

The younger Halton chronicles the life and times of Canada’s finest war correspondent

Camilla Gibb explains why writing ’This Is Happy’ was a godsend

Camilla Gibb’s haunting memoir, a finalist for the 2016 RBC Taylor prize, heads to the heart of what family means