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(Photography by Tracy Munson)

The Move: Why this veterinarian left P.E.I. for New Brunswick

Adele Doucet always thought she’d build her dream home. Until she found the perfect listing—in her hometown.
Vancouver House (Courtesy of Ema Peter/Westbank)

Canada’s condo amenity wars

Competition for affluent condo buyers has developers piling on frills—car fleets, meditation walls and even perks that assuage the social conscience
Miniature House on A Blue Financial Graph representing investing in real estate

Is real estate still a good investment for Canadians?

We shouldn’t be making property investment decisions based on headlines.

London’s non-domiciled residents

As the global super-rich buy real estate, the market is ‘losing touch with reality’
Return of the bubble

Return of the housing bubble

Around the world, housing is fuelling a whole new frenzy of speculation and unrealistic optimism
house hunting

Parents will help kids aged 25-34 buy homes

Demographic risks to housing market overblown: CIBC