'Now this is a war'

Syria: ’Now this is a war’

Pro-democracy protesters talk to ’Maclean’s’ about the toll of fighting the regime and their fears for the future
‘Power is in our hands’

The challenging transition in Libya

’Power is in our hands’

How dangerous is celebratory gunfire?

What goes up must come down, right?
Oil and water: A potent mixture oil

Oil and water: Libya’s potent mixture

Rebels and loyalists are fighting a bitter battle in the arid south
A slow boat to Misrata

A slow boat to Misrata

Rebels leave Benghazi to help their comrades in the besieged city
'They're risking their life for this'

’They’re risking their life for this’

Young Libyan expats, many from Canada, return to help the cause

’Don’t trust anyone’

At night, the city of Benghazi transforms into a dangerous world of gun battles, paranoia and mistrust

Gadhafi ’will destroy the Libyan people’

Outmanned and outgunned, anti-Gadhafi rebels say they need more help
Missing image

The rank amateurs trying to bring down Gadhafi

Organizing civilians into orderly fighting forces is the Libyan rebellion’s biggest challenge