The Philippines has a bigger trash problem than Canada

Matt Gurney: Canada should take back its waste. But the angry rhetoric coming from the volatile Duterte is masking a more serious local problem.

Brock don promotes recycling, gets punished

Student on probation after posting video on YouTube

Of all the things to ban… bottled water?

Pettigrew: It’s only water and plastic. Let’s all take a breath.


Swimming, biking, recycling and Pride

Tom Johnson remembers Jack Layton the swimmer.


China’s wealthy women

Yin, the owner of a paper recycling business, is the world’s richest woman


How we measure up

Canadians are doing moderately well at going green according to a new study by Statcan.


Recyclers are in trouble

A number of recycling depots across the country are reporting serious financial difficulties because of the falling price of recycled goods. The recycling depot on Bowen Island, just north of Vancouver says it won’t take low-grade plastics and glass jars because it has no more room for them and can no longer sell them. In Tofino, Son Bird Refuse and Recycling is stockpiling all its recycled goods because the bottom has fallen out of the market. This is due to a global slump in the price of recycled goods. Many recyclers used to be paid for their goods, but are now choosing to stockpile them instead of paying contractors to remove them and use them or just take them to a landfill.


The greening of the eco-villains

How green tech is changing the face of the chemical industry