‘I was there, for them:’ Ron MacLean on how refereeing taught him a greater purpose

For 23 years, Canada’s pre-eminent hockey broadcaster donned the stripes and took all the heat the fans could give him. It was, in the truest sense, a calling.

Good news, bad news

Good News

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside gets a new restaurant and Service Canada cracks down on bogus EI claims


WIll the referees trip us up?

There is concern that inconsistent officiating will play a role in deciding which hockey teams reach the podium


The big Olympic concerns

What if it rains the whole time? Is figure skating still rigged? Will the refs trip us up?


Do we need referees?

The Alex Burrows affair brings up a controversial question


Future ref-erence

Reader Sandy von Kaldenberg raises an intriguing idea in response to my rant on even-up reffing: since improvements in TV technology have made such officiating shortcomings obvious, why not creat a position for an off-ice official?