David Eby

The one thing that could bring back responsible government

Tom Parkin: A referendum this fall in B.C. could spark a Canada-wide move toward electoral reform—and restore some faith in our democracy
Jason Kenney

What happened to Jason Kenney?

Stephen Maher on how the once serious Harper-era star became a provincial politician pitching an unserious referendum in Alberta
Jalal Talabani, Kurdish former President of Iraq dies in Germany at 83

The Middle East just lost its sharpest leader. What next?

Terry Glavin: Jalal Talabani held Iraq together and helped the Kurds thrive. His death comes at a moment when he’s needed the most.

How not to deal with separatists

Stephen Maher on how Madrid’s violent refusal to allow a Quebec style-referendum is pushing Catalans into the arms of the secessionists

Justin Trudeau’s grossly misleading take on Iraq

Adnan R. Khan: Canada armed and trained the Kurds. To compare their independence vote to Quebec is a ploy to wash Canada’s hands of a mess it helped create.

The death of democracy in Turkey

Adnan R. Khan reports from Turkey on the disputed referendum and the dangerous rise of the cult of President Erdogan
Queen Elizabeth II On Official Visit In Paris : Day 1

What does Queen Elizabeth II think about Brexit?

It’s a fair bet that the U.K.’s head of state is mortified by the result
Britain EU

David Cameron is Brexit’s biggest loser

Britain’s Prime Minister pushed it into a referendum no one wanted or understood. And it should ruin his career.

Will Metro Vancouver voters agree to higher taxes for transit?

Residents will vote this Spring on a new transit package, funded by a half point increase in the provincial sales tax
Members of Britain’s royal family cheer as competitors participate in a sack race at the Braemar Gathering in Braemar

Elizabeth II: The happiest woman in post-referendum Britain

Not just her job, but also her love of Scotland was at stake