Reform Party

Maxime Bernier

I was a Reform MP, and I supported Maxime Bernier for leader. Here’s why he’ll fail.

Opinion: Monte Solberg, a longtime Conservative MP who also served for the Reform Party, saw firsthand why Bernier’s plans for a new party are doomed
Andrew Scheer. (Chris Roussakis)

Andrew Scheer, the Conservative Party’s folksy unifier

The aw-shucks demeanour of the new leader of the opposition and the federal Tories belies his complexity, and maybe his electability, too
Tom Corbett Photographed at his home in Kingston, Nova Scotia by Scott Munn

Former Reform colleague questions Harper’s MP pension reforms

Tom Corbett and Stephen Harper once agreed on ‘pension pigs’—until actual retirement got in the way
Parliament Building

Whatever happened to the Reform party?

The House considers e-petitions
Brent Rathgeber

What to make of Brent Rathgeber?

The ramifications of a resignation

Can an MP ask a constituent’s question during QP?

The matter of crowd-sourcing Question Period
Inside harper’s big blue tent

Inside Harper’s big blue tent

Canada’s conservatives are more united than ever
When Tories agree to disagree

When Tories agree to disagree

Paul Wells on how Harper told his party that Canadians think like they do. The hubris was almost Liberal in its scope.