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Donald Trump is Canada’s best hope for solving its border crisis

The Safe Third Country Agreement is broken. But it would be easy to get rid of if Trump actually understood the arrangement.

Saving Family No. 417

The journey of one Syrian mother, her three children—and the complete strangers who made it their mission to bring them to Canada

Watch: One Syrian family, 14 Canadians, enormous gratitude

Video: Michael Friscolanti on an inspiring group of Canadians who banded together to sponsor a mother and her three children

Canada in Lebanon: ’Canadian values in action’

Michelle Cameron, Canada’s ambassador to Lebanon, tells Michael Friscolanti about refugees’ deteriorating conditions and our efforts to help the most vulnerable
South Korea Syrian Refugees

Will Syrian refugees pay their own airfare to get here?

If the government alters the rules for these 25,000 Syrian refugees, how will it tell the next refugee family from Ethiopia or Afghanistan to foot the bill?
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The two faces of the Syrian crisis: a toddler and a tech titan

Of symbols, Syrians, and defining images: Anne Kingston explains how the iconography of a moment says more about the viewers than the subjects
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Aid agency document reveals Liberals’ refugee plan

The working plan shows 1,000 refugees will be flown to Canada every day, with considerations for ’lodging sites’
Germany To Speed Up Deportations Of Rejected Asylum-Applicants

When it comes to health care, all refugees still aren’t equal

Advocates for the Interim Federal Health program to return still don’t know when the program will be revived, and what the scope of coverage will be
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Since Alan Kurdi died, 700 Syrian refugees have arrived

The latest stats reinforce the daunting task facing the Liberals, who vow to keep their promise and resettle 25,000 more refugees by year’s end

Cold comfort: The trials of Sweden’s Syrian refugees

Syrian refugees find themselves lonely, and perplexed, at the Arctic Circle