refugee health care

Conservatives fretting about the supremacy of Parliament

But how supremely is Parliament behaving?

Court loss on refugee health cuts may still be Conservative win

It’s tough to see the Conservative scapegoating of refugees as anything but an electoral gambit, writes Martin Patriquin


The Commons: Should the federal government pay for a refugee claimant’s cancer treatment?

The Scene. Ralph Goodale stood with right hand in pocket, a piece of paper in his left hand, to read the indictment against his former assistant.


‘This is the kind of country we are. You cover it.’

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall rips the Harper government over its refusal to fund the treatment of a cancer-stricken refugee.


Disagreeing with Kelly Block

Kelly Block’s refugee health care flyer draws a protest outside her constituency office.


‘It wasn’t meant to be divisive’

Conservative MP Kelly Block is receiving some criticism for a flyer she sent to constituents that was headlined, “Ending Unfair Benefits for Refugee Claimants.”