Shmayess (right) left Syria for Görlitz, Germany, in 2015; his wife, Ammar, joined him a year later and the couple recently opened a restaurant (Photograph by Sadiya Ansari)

What Canada can learn from Germany’s mass, unplanned migration

Five years ago, more than a million refugees arrived in Germany. Today, many are working full-time. Here are the lessons Canada can learn from what went right—and wrong—in Germany.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets the Azimi family, who are refugees from Afghanistan after fleeing Syria, at the Old South Village Pub before having a meal in London, Ont. on Jul. 4, 2019. The Azimi family has been in Canada for 15 months. Refugees are among the highly vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic. (Andrew Lahodynskyj/CP)

A plea to philanthropists—double the value of your grants to local non-profits

Rahul Chandran: You are Canada’s philanthropists, and you have the assets. You’ve worked with non-profit organizations for many years and their clients need them to live now more than ever.

The world has turned on Syrian refugees

Adnan R. Khan: It’s been four years since three-year-old Alan Kurdi died. Since then, borders have slammed shut and promises have been broken.

The long history of ‘go back to where you came from’ in Canada

Donald Trump’s ugly tweet captured beliefs and sentiments that have deep roots—in Canada

How Syrian refugees to Canada have fared since 2015

It hasn’t been easy, and Syrian newcomers are forced to overcome serious language and employment barriers, but early fears about how thousands of new families would cope were misplaced.

The rise of an uncaring Canada

Andray Domise: What’s behind hardening attitudes towards migrants? Some basic ignorance about the life of refugees and the reality of immigration in this country.

Who will be the #WelcometoCanada champion now?

Matt Gurney: Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have suddenly pivoted to a much harder line on refugees and asylum claims—and the timing sure is interesting

The new Liberal strategy: turn into Conservatives

Andrew MacDougall: The Liberals’ about-face on refugees, hidden away in an omnibus bill, saws at a pillar of their core identity, to say nothing of their brand promise

The Putin regime would love for Canada to hand over this dissident Russian scientist. Ottawa can’t let that happen

Terry Glavin: Elena Musikhina fled to Canada after exposing ecological abuses in Siberia, but now faces deportation. Let her stay.

Anti-Semitism and anti-refugee attitudes share the same poisonous roots

Opinion: Anti-Semitism propelled Robert Bowers, who was arrested for allegedly killing 11 in a Pittsburgh synagogue. But there was something more familiar, too

What happens when artificial intelligence comes to Ottawa

A new report calls for caution as the federal government has been ‘experimenting’ with the use of AI in immigration and refugee cases.

Why Canada will lead the charge on the UN’s global refugee plan

Op-ed: The UN’s global compact on refugees could be a game-changer—and Canada is well-placed to help make it a reality, say two cabinet ministers and a UN official