The Royal Canadian Navy to the rescue! (Yes, really.)

Image of the Week: A high-seas rescue by crews returning from naval exercises captures the perils of their work, and the ferocity of the North Atlantic
The carcass of a right whale is prepared to be towed out to sea near Norway, Prince Edward Island

The controversial ban on rescuing endangered right whales

The death of a Canadian whale rescuer led Canada and the U.S. to ban operations on right whales—’a real insult’ to their work, says one rescuer
What really happened

What you won’t see in Argo

Mark Lijek, a retired U.S. diplomat rescued from Iran, writes about the real heroes of 1979
Missing image

Rescued B.C. sailor a “real survivor”

62-year-old physics instructor rescued off Australian coast
Missing image

Chilean miners: Voices from the underground

Tensions are brewing—both below and above
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Horror in Haiti

Maclean’s cover story: after the earthquake, the desperate fight for survival amid the ruins