Rex Tillerson

Salisbury incident

Donald Trump failed a simple test on his Russian ties

Stephen Maher: Trump fired the Secretary of State right after he denounced Russia for a nerve gas attack on British soil. It speaks volumes.
U.S.-Canada meeting

Farewell to Rex Tillerson, Chrystia Freeland’s man in Washington

Rex Tillerson’s firing as U.S. secretary of state is a heavy blow for Canada’s foreign minister, who worked in step with him on North Korea and Russia

China the winner after pointless Canada-U.S. meeting on North Korea

For Canada, the main legacy of the forum for peace on the Korean Peninsula may be increasingly thorny relations with the world’s emerging superpower
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On North Korea, it’s basically bad-cop, bad-cop

Paul Wells: The Vancouver conference on peace in the Korean peninsula was no meeting of Polyannas looking for any excuse to make nice with our North Korean friends
Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Meets With Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland At The State Dept.

How Canada fits into Rex Tillerson’s plan for North Korea

Paul Wells parses diplomatic history as the U.S. secretary of state arrives in Ottawa to talk North Korea
FILE PHOTO: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reacts during the long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 (Mars-12) test launch

Trump team de-escalates president’s rhetoric on North Korea

’Have no concerns about this particular rhetoric over the last few days,’ says secretary of state. ’Sleep well tonight.’

Q&A: Reza Aslan on religion and U.S. politics

Religious scholar Reza Aslan on why evangelicals voted for Donald Trump, the Democrats’ faith problem, Iran, and much more
TransCanada NAFTA Keystone 20160625

U.S. Secretary of State recuses himself from Keystone XL decision

Rex Tillerson, who had a long career in the oil industry, stepped away from the Keystone file last month

Conversational icebreakers for Trump and Trudeau

From a B.C. hotel to the oil sands, Trump and Trudeau could use these items of common ground to keep the crickets from chirping
Donald Trump, Melania Turmp, Mitch McConnell

How Trudeau’s cabinet stacks up against Trump’s team

Donald Trump’s cabinet is overwhelmingly white, old, and male, not to mention really, really rich. Trudeau’s team couldn’t be more different.