Right to Die

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Steven Fletcher: Assisted suicide means ’embracing life’

Listen: Cormac MacSweeney speaks with the Conservative MP about his private member’s bills on assisted suicide
Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie

Good news, bad news

Quebec strikes the right balance with right-to-die legislation and a retired general bills taxpayers for a move across town

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Maclean’s readers on zoos and the right to die

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The fight for the right to die

Canada’s first assisted-suicide law draws fire in Quebec

Gloria Jean Taylor, 1948-2012

A lifelong activist, she became the only Canadian to win the right to get a doctor’s help to die, after a legal battle in B.C.
Bernice 300×300

Maclean’s Interview: Bernice Packford

The 95-year-old on why she wants to kill herself, despite being healthy, and why she thinks a doctor should be allowed to help