right whales

Wolverine, a right whale known to researchers by the boat-propeller scars on his back, was found dead and pulled ashore for study in June 2019 (Nick Hawkins)

Saving the right whales

As North Atlantic right whales migrate north for summer feeding, pandemic restrictions may hamper critical research—but they might also help keep them alive
Mackie Greene and Moira Brown during a whale rescue mission. (Nick Hawkins)

The fearless rescuers who save right whales from certain death

A North Atlantic right whale is tangled up in fishing gear and likely to die—unless this dauntless rescue team gets to him first
The carcass of a right whale is prepared to be towed out to sea near Norway, Prince Edward Island

The controversial ban on rescuing endangered right whales

The death of a Canadian whale rescuer led Canada and the U.S. to ban operations on right whales—’a real insult’ to their work, says one rescuer

Why are so many right whales dying in the Gulf of St. Lawrence?

Tracing the ’horrific’ deaths of eight right whales that have perished in the region so far this year