Robert Downey Jr.


TIFF 2014: Trends and tales from Toronto

What we learned at TIFF 2014, from the best under-the-radar films to the biggest festival blunders
Sherlock Holmes reopens the case

Sherlock Holmes reopens the case

The sleuth of baker street returns with the first authorized novel post-Conan Doyle

Opening Weekend: Due Date, Megamind, Fair Game

Robert Downey Jr. plays it straight, and gives stoner boy Zach Galifianakis a master class in acting
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David Cronenberg on Freud, Keira and pressing the flesh

He calls Keira Knightley ’brilliant,’ Robert Downey Jr. ’glib’—and turned down ’The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’

Opening Weekend: Iron Man 2, Banksy, Babies and Please Give

Robert Downey Jr.’s rehab is complete—he’s a comic genius shackled to 12-step action movie

Don’t stop the presses!

Opening weekend: ’State of Play’ revives the retro romance of the crusading newspaper reporter
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Writer discovers homeless virtuoso

‘The Soloist’ tells the story of a man who can’t even watch the film that will make him a star

The Method in Robert Downey Jr.’s madness

The Iron Man of acting delivers the world’s first DVD commentary in verbal blackface.