Robert Pickton

Missing Women Inquiry 20121217

Pickton inquiry report met with anger, recrimination and tears

After two years, dozens of witnesses, 1,500 pages and $10M, report does little to satisfy families of Pickton’s victims
Paul Bernardo 1993

Canada’s most notorious

An exclusive poll reveals who Canadians consider the country’s worst criminals
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Cop tells inquiry Pickton could have been caught earlier

Investigator suspected Pickton as early as 1998

RCMP investigating claims it waited years before searching Pickton farm

As many as 14 actual or suspected Pickton victims were killed in the meantime
A royal Canadian disgrace

The RCMP: a Royal Canadian disgrace

What will it take before someone fixes the iconic force?
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How serial killer Robert Pickton slipped away

New revelations show why he was able to prey with such impunity