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Rogers doubles down on millennial customers with Fido internet

The brand has spotted an opportunity in Generation Y’s consumption patterns and ease with technology
Mark Visentin; Ryan Ellis

With Score Media buy, Rogers ups its bet on sports

The $167 million deal shows sport is the only live TV content that still matters, say insiders
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Do Canadian cops need warrants for GPS tracking?

In the U.S. police can even buy a monthly subscription to customers’ tracking data
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How the federal competition bureau ‘is shifting the game’

Melanie Aitken has taken on everyone from the real estate industry, to credit card companies, to airlines
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Muting a bitter TV battle

BCE and now CTV boss George Cope
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Coming now to a TV near you

The future of local programming is on-demand, all the time
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Guts, foresight and Edward ‘Ted’ Rogers

Ted believed that rewards flow from risk and hard work