Palestinians and Israeli forces clash in 2016 (Said Khatib/AFP/Getty Images)

The world’s stateless peoples are more vulnerable than ever

A growing number of stateless peoples are locked in political limbo, exposed to dangers the international community is too fractured to address
Rohingya refugees wait in a relief distribution point at Kutupalong refugee camp in Ukhia March 24, 2020. (Photo by SUZAUDDIN RUBEL / AFP) (Photo by SUZAUDDIN RUBEL/AFP via Getty Images)

The struggle to stay safe from COVID-19 in a refugee camp

The UN is taking measures to protect those in refugee camps from the spread of the coronavirus. But there is little room for social distancing in the camps, where people often have to line up for food and water.

The seven-decade journey from Auschwitz to justice for the Rohingya

The world’s ’never again’ vow on genocide became a cliché of broken promises. But a recent decision at the International Court of Justice could be a turning point

In Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi has failed. But then, so have we.

Opinion: As Myanmar’s military commits genocide against the Rohingya, Canada strips a fallen icon of her honorary citizenship—a tumble from grace that we helped create

Canada has recognized the Rohingya genocide. Now what should come next?

Opinion: In the wake of a UN report detailing atrocities against the Rohingya by Myanmar’s authorities, here are the ways Canada can step up in their defence

A father and son’s quest for light in a Rohingya refugee camp

Ten-year-old Ajijur and his dad Saddiq scrimped and saved for their prized possession—a $50 solar kit to power a bulb in their new home
Life in Kutupalong refugee camp

Bob Rae’s report on the Rohingya falls frustratingly short

Alberta MP Garnett Genuis on the special envoy’s delayed report and how it fails to put forth tough, necessary measures to stop a genocide
In Lahore, Pakistan, protesters carry a banner reading “stop killing rohingya muslims”

Myanmar proves ’Buddhist’ doesn’t necessarily mean ’peaceful’

Opinion: The West is mesmerized by the idea that Buddhism equals non-violence, and it blinds us to the atrocities unfolding in Myanmar