Will ‘ROMA’ make history—or will Bradley Cooper’s snub make ‘A Star Is Born’ the avenging underdog?

The absurdly talented Cooper didn’t nab a nod for Best Director. Can his tour de force catch up to ROMA, Alfonso Cuarón’s stunning achievement?


Kenney assertive on Roma refugees, but critics argue the details

The fate of Roma migrants trying to escape Hungary was the pressing issue in the air as Immigration Minister Jason Kenney gave one of his typically forceful performances today at the National Press Theatre, just off Parliament Hill, announcing new refugee rules. His critics, however, said his air of confidence covered a misleading portrayal of the real options open to the Roma in Europe.

Canada: the roma’s next stop?

Canada: the Roma’s next stop?

Hungary is now Canada’s top source for refugee claimants, but success rates are dropping

Taking the law in their hands

Taking the law in their hands

A far-right group in Hungary is cracking down on what it calls “gypsy crime”


Sarkozy’s Roma stumble

The beleaguered president thought a crackdown would help him in the polls. No such luck.


Boarding schools for Roma kids?

The UN has not condemned the plan, although activists are angry


Minister of rock

Czech Michael Kocab is part revolutionary, part pop star


Hungary’s Roma protect themselves

A suspect in a string of racist murders leaves a Budapest court