Roman Catholic Church


Let the church remain the church

Michael Coren: Joe Biden was refused communion because of his stance on abortion. When it comes to the Catholic church, where do we draw the line?

Pope Francis’s newest crass opinions about gay priests

Michael Coren: How ironic that the most homophobic organization in the world should be the greatest employer of gay men

Pope Francis has condemned capital punishment. But can his legacy endure?

Opinion: Pope Francis has deemed capital punishment unacceptable in all circumstances—a bold and likely definitive mark on the Roman Catholic Church’s doctrine
Radical in white

Pope Francis: The Vatican’s rebel

For those invested in the status quo, he’s the most dangerously unpredictable pope in centuries
The Canadian who could be the next Pope

Cardinal Marc Ouellet: The Canadian who could be pope

Brian Bethune on the papal contenders
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The Vatican is reining in America’s radical nuns

Nuns, who’ve been critical of the Church’s teaching feel blindsided by the move
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Toronto archbishop named cardinal

Archbishop Thomas Christopher Collins received the call from the Vatican via his BlackBerry
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Grace under fire

He didn’t foresee the long-running sex abuse scandal suddenly igniting, but the Pope showed surprising openness in dealing with it
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Exorcists wanted, and fast

FESCHUK: In the throes of a serious shortage, the Church tries out some new strategies