Roman Polanski


Vampires feast on Cannes

Noted in Cannes: Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton and Roman Polanski

The art of cruelty in ’Young Adult’ and ’Carnage’

Charlize Theron gives a dynamite performance in a movie that’s as self-destructive as its heroine
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Polanski publicly apologizes to his victim

Swiss-made documentary makes comments public after 2009 private apology
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Opening Weekend: ’Alice in Wonderland,’ ’Ghost Writer,’ ’A Prophet’

Going underground with Depp, Polanski and the Corsican Mafia
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Newsmakers ’09: At last . . .

Oprah Winfrey, Apple and others.
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‘Chinatown’ comes back to haunt him

With Roman Polanski’s recent arrest, the 35th anniversary of his classic movie takes on a bizarre resonance
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Lock-Polanski-up rants are shocking

One can imagine the terror the filmmaker has of being sent back to an American prison
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Why Roman Polanski belongs in prison

Polanski’s case is not in dispute. Hollywood doesn’t consider itself bound by the same rules as other folk. Common sense disagrees.
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Robert Towne looks back on ’Chinatown’

"It would be impossible for it to be a mainstream movie today"