Romeo Dallaire

A portrait of Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire. (Photograph by Roger Lemoyne)

Inside Roméo Dallaire’s ongoing battle with PTSD

From 2016: Lt.-Gen. Roméo Dallaire’s raw and emotionally devastating memoir lays bare his own inner torment
Dallaire Quitting Senate 20140528

Roméo Dallaire: Response to Syrian refugees ’atrocious’

Roméo Dallaire, commander of an ill-fated UN mission in Rwanda, on the un-Canadian response to refugees and the missed opportunities for intervention
Senator Romeo Dallaire leaves at the conclusion a news conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

The Interview: Roméo Dallaire on peace, child soldiers and retirement

The retired senator has many plans for his non-retirement

Maclean’s on the Hill: Romeo Dallaire and Tom Flanagan

Romeo Dallaire on peacekeeping, Tom Flanagan on recovery
Dallaire Quitting Senate 20140528

For the record: Romeo Dallaire’s last speech in the Senate

’The question is: When will Canada finally answer the call again?’
John Geddes

Roméo Dallaire has too much to do to be a senator

Although retiring from the Senate, the former UN commander is far from retiring
QP Live 300×300

QP Live: When Romeo Dallaire announced his retirement

Your daily dose of political theatre
Dallaire at Kigali Airport

’I’ve seen a 14-year-old commanding 30 or 40 kids’: Romeo Dallaire

From the archives: Retired Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire on girl soldiers and life post-Rwanda
Margaret Atwood

7 Canadians with more than a dozen honorary degrees

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Where children are the killers

Where children are the killers

A rag-tag opposition forms to battle the African rebel leaders who put guns in the hands of children