Romeo Saganash

For the record: Romeo Saganash on residential schools

NDP MP Romeo Saganash, a survivor of residential schools, addresses the House of Commons on reconciliation

‘They are part of us’

House to create committee to study violence against Aboriginal women


Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act

Romeo Saganash’s bill on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People is here. For all intents and purposes, it amounts to two clauses, but the implications of those clauses open a large debate.


The Commons: Theresa Spence exits the stage

The most influential woman in the country ends her protest


Romeo Saganash returns to the shadow cabinet

The New Democrats announced this morning that Romeo Saganash has been named the “Deputy Critic for Intergovernmental Aboriginal Affairs.”

Romeo Saganash is back in the House

The NDP talks about alcoholism, residential schools and #IdleNoMore


Q&A: Romeo Saganash (Part Two)

The second part of my conversation with Romeo Saganash. In this segment we talk about #IdleNoMore, Theresa Spence, Shawn Atleo, the blockades and the chance for progress. The first part of our conversation is here.

Q&A: Romeo Saganash (Part One)

The NDP MP talks to Aaron Wherry about alcoholism, family and the residential school experience


Romeo Saganash to return

The NDP MP, who took a leave in October to deal with an alcohol problem, will apparently return to work on January 14.

Newsmakers of the week

Danielle Smith’s offal tweet, Fidel Castro reappears (it seems), and Roberto Luongo a Leaf?


‘I need help to overcome a medical problem’

A statement from NDP MP Romeo Saganash about the incident on board an Air Canada flight.


‘I regret what happened and it won’t happen again’

The CBC reports that NDP MP Romeo Saganash was removed from an Air Canada flight on Friday after it was decided that he was too intoxicated to fly.