Rosie MacLennan

What curse? Rosie MacLennan wins second Olympic gold

MacLennan won Canada’s ninth medal just hours after a pair of rowers came back to win silver. And still, every Canadian medalist is a woman.
John Beeden rowing solo.  Credit:  Cheryl Beeden

John Beeden’s long and winding row across the Pacific

John Beeden, the 59-year-old Canadian who rowed from San Francisco to Australia in 209 days, discusses his solo expedition

What it feels like to row on B.C.’s Elk Lake with Canada’s rowing team

Ever wonder what it’s like to chase your athletic dream as a member of Canada’s rowing team? Hop in the boat and join our top oarswomen Lindsay Jennerich and Patricia Obee as they train for the World Rowing Cup.
silken laumann

Silken Laumann’s shocking secret

The Olympian opens up about her dark childhood: anorexia, cutting and her troubled abusive mother
Near the residences

Campus life at Trent University

A photographic tour of the Peterborough, Ont. campus
Canada’s women’s eight team

Your future as an Olympic rower, just a click away

Canada’s team is on a recruitment drive. Do you have what it takes?
Janine Hanson, Rachelle Viinberg, Krista Guloien, Lauren Wilkinson, Natalie Mastracci, Ashley Brzozowicz, Darcy Marquardt, Andr

Words on the wall inspired Women’s 8

’Find a way,’ read one message. ’Push for great.’ On Thursday, eight Canadians followed their own advice to a silver medal
Day 53 – The Olympic Torch Continues Its Journey Around The UK

Sir Steve Redgrave and Mike Spracklen: A river runs through them

Lads from Marlow connected by Olympic dreams and past glories