Royal Canadian Air Force

RE8 observation biplanes in northern France, March 1918.

The lifespan of a Canadian First World War pilot was ten weeks

Only crack shots among the ’knights of the air’ survived battle against better equipped and more experienced German pilots
Kevin Roderick Malott

Kevin Roderick Malott

He was a dedicated cyclist and doting father. A warrant officer, he served in Bosnia, Kosovo and did three tours in Afghanistan.
Trout fishing in Sardinia

How a Canadian vet helped restock Sardinian rivers

Capt. James Pocklington facilitated the shipment of 300,000 trout eggs from New Brunswick as a gesture of thanks to Italy
Good news, Bad news: August 11-18, 2011

Good news, bad news: August 11-18, 2011

Canada’s navy and air force are Royal once more, Syrian forces launch a brutal naval assault on its own people
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The Memory Project - Allan Smith, Stories of survival WWII

’I spent my nights in a cupboard, along with a huge spider’
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The Memory Project – Bob Farquharson, Supplying the front

’We flew in false teeth and eyeglasses’