Russian spies


The Supreme Court will decide if two sons of KGB spies can be Canadian

Four years after Ottawa revoked the brothers’ citizenship, the Supreme Court will hear one final appeal launched by the Trudeau government
Alex and Tim in Bangkok in 2011. (Tim and Alex Vavilov)

Son of Russian spies can travel home to Canada, judge rules

The Trudeau government has been ordered to issue citizenship documents and a passport to the Toronto-born son of elite Russian spies at the centre of a Supreme Court battle
Alex and Tim in Bangkok in 2011. (Tim and Alex Vavilov)

Russian spy son to Supreme Court: Don’t waste your time

Alex Vavilov says Ottawa’s fight to deny him citizenship is pointless because the astounding circumstances of his case are unlikely to reoccur
Tim and Alex Vavilov.

Sons of Russian spies’ case comes to a head

Alex Vavilov won a court decision restoring his citizenship, but CSIS says his brother was ’sworn in’ by their spy parents. Will Ottawa fight to keep them out of the country?